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"We Need To Talk Through Some Things"

This integration room shows were Beecky was integrated to find were Benson is hiding out and is even told that she may be killed if she does not fess up were Benson is.


A Steven Bochco show, this was one of the first good large cast cop shows (1981-7). It launched careers and showed the talents of many including Daniel J. Travanti, Barbara Bosson, Joe Spano, Dennis Franz, Bruce Weitz, Betty Thomas, David Caruso and Jeffrey Tambour.


Most people don't remember this show. I used to watch this as summer re-runs in the 80's. It was alright!


The Holocaust’s forgotten black victims – the ‘Rhineland Bastards’ African-German girl in a school photo. Pic credit: USHMM


One of our other scenes is of the girls being questioned. The questions are never said but the girls answers overlap and make the questions obvious. This technique will be used more than once. At the beginning it is shown to introduce the girls and towards the end it is used to portray how fed up they are with the constant questioning.


TO BE KILLED – DON'T FORGET LOVING BETTY! – YOUNG, SPAYED GIRL, AVERAGE RATED – Betty (A1096659) came into the Manhattan shelter a pretty happy camper, but caged life is not for her. She wants to be in a safe and quiet home. ♥ PLEASE ADOPT BETTY, SHE WILL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL AND YOU WILL BE FOREVER LOVED ♥