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Britain still had an empire to run and in 1876 any young men ardent for some desperate glory would make their way to the Mitre and Dove public house. There the recruiting sergeants of any number of regiments would cajole young aspirants to military honors. The local police officer is second from left!

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Two Greater Manchester Police officers strike a pose for the camera in one of a series of image intended to be used in a recruitment campaign in 1977. The location is the famous Bruche Police Training Centre near Warrington. Police officers from many local forces trained at the centre between 1946 and its closure in 2006. From the archives of our museum.

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In the 70s you had to go to a recruitment office to get information about becoming a police officer and to apply. Now all our information is online.

The Scottish Police Officer :: <P>The structure of policing is undergoing change in Scotland at present and the profile of the police officer differs from that of the past. This book takes an informative approach and offers a unique account and insight into the Scottish police organisation, describing the ‘Scottish police officer’ from the point of recruitment through to training, development and specialist policing. </P> <P></P> <P>Written by an ex-senior police officer, this book...

West Yorkshire Police is planning a Police Officer recruitment campaign in the New Year following conversations with the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC). It follows the recent announcement that further cuts on the scale anticipated (25%-40%) would not be made to policing budgets under the Government Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR).

Trump voters deface Police posters with Trump stickers -- Police Officers in Bumshart Nebrahoma were furious to discover that recruitment posters around the town had been defaced with pictures of Donald Trump. The multi-million pound recruitment drive in the book free town of Bumshart was instigated two months ago. The plan is to recruit hundreds of ... -- #BlueShirts, #Swastika, #Trump --

'Running Man' police video sends internet wild

A video in which police officers challenged others around the world to a dance off after performing the Running Man has gone viral

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Funniest Police Recruitment Ad ever! Fort Worth Police Department's Star...