If yes, then you may want to find out about how to become a police officer. Police officers are employed at the local, state and federal levels. General law enforcement duties are carried out by police officers in charge of particular geographical areas. http://excite.com/education

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Foreign News: 17 Police Officers arrested in Zimbabwe in Connection with illegal gold mining Seventeen police officers from Zimbabwe have been apprehended in connection with illegal gold mining activities. According to Zim Eye eleven police officers from Inyathi and six from Nkayi were arrested on Wednesday last week and have been appearing before an internal tribunal at the Nkayi District police headquarters.A police source said the officers appeared on Monday January 23 at the Nkayi…

If you are planning to enter the police academy and begin a career in law enforcement, you need to be physically fit. Many of your duties as a police officer will involve sudden bursts of physical activity, such as running to catch a suspect or to save a life. Even the appearance of physical fitness can be helpful to you. If you appear fit, a...

Police Officer Resume Sample _________________________ Type your address here, Type your address here Seek the Challenging Position of Senior Police Officer A highly talented Police officer with huge experience in performing a variety of full performance technical law enforcement duties related...

Two female police officers patrol on Oxford Street in central Manchester during the 1960s. The building in the background is the famous Manchester Central Library. The role of female officers changed slowly over time. At this time they formed the Women’s Police Department and took on only a limited range of duties. http://www.gmpmuseum.com

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New Mexico, Albuquerque. At an overpass, all traffic is blocked and drivers only see a policewoman sitting by the fence. When they've got closer, only then they see the shocking truth. It was a real drama which showed us the true police officer duties. source A policewoman was trying to convince a man not to jump off from the overpass to end his life. Several police officers were mobilized to the ...

A police officer's duty is to protect and serve – and today they answered an unusual call in the city of Syracuse.

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