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Police Jobs In Florida

“Smokey” Buchanan from the West Palm Beach police force, measuring the bathing suit of Betty Fringle on Palm Beach, to ensure that it conforms with regulations introduced by the beach censors - 1925


How can blind people stay safe?

Guide dog attacks 183 dog attacks between 30 May 2010 and 30 April 2012 Majority of victims qualified guide dogs (67.6%) with 56.8% working in harness at time of attack Attacks resulted in injuries to people on 13.3% of occasions, although in 10 of these cases, attacks not reported to police Victim dogs injured in 43.7% of incidents and required veterinary attention after 76.3% of the incidents. Victims' working performance and/or behaviour reported affected after 43.2% of incidents


What to Expect When You Apply for a Criminal Justice Job

When you apply for jobs in criminal justice, the hiring process may be different from other careers. Find out what to expect after the application.

Investigation reveals about 1,000 police officers lost jobs over sexual misconduct

AP report reveals offenses that Florida police chief says are underreported: ‘It’s happening probably in every law enforcement agency across the country’

The Girl With the Deep Blue Eyes (Hard Case Crime) - In the depths of her blue eyes, he glimpsed... murder. Cashed out from the NYPD after 24 years, Doak Miller operates as a private eye in steamy small-town Florida, doing jobs for the local police. Like posing as a hit man and wearing a wire to incriminate a local wife who is looking to get rid of her husband. But when he sees the wife, when he looks into her deep blue eyes... He falls and falls hard. Soon he is working with her,


Good job! Thank you! Police celebrate autistic Florida boy's 8th birthday after no one RSVPs | Daily Mail Online