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media narrative. Wow. Didn't know he had a mug shot as well. And wouldn't have known it either if the media had it their way. Makes you wonder how many more of these beloved cops were also criminals.

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15 Of The Most WTF Facts About Serial Killers

Ted Bundy saved a child from drowning. | 15 Of The Most WTF Facts About Serial Killers


Gloriavale has garnered more media attention thanks to a recent documentary about life of women in the Christian community. Police are still investigating allegations about Gloriavale Christian Community. A police hotline was set up in April 2015 after allegations were made in the media about abuse at the remote West Coast community. Former members of the community made claims about physical punishment, brainwashing and sexual abuse of girls as young as 12. Scumbags

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So it was Beyonce who called the fashion police! Lady Gaga is wrapped in crime scene tape as they team up in new video GAGA