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Charlie's Angels........Farrah was my idol.....I had all of the Charlies Angels Barbie dolls when I was little


Foyle's War- Sgt. Paul Miner (played by Anthony Howell), Sam, (Samantha Stewart, played by Honeysuckle Weeks), and Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle, (Michael Kitchen). "1940: Britain stands alone against the might of Nazi Germany. DCS Foyle, Hastings Police, confronts the darkest acts of humanity on a daily basis, investigating murder, looting, and theft."


A Steven Bochco show, this was one of the first good large cast cop shows (1981-7). It launched careers and showed the talents of many including Daniel J. Travanti, Barbara Bosson, Joe Spano, Dennis Franz, Bruce Weitz, Betty Thomas, David Caruso and Jeffrey Tambour.

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Police database to track criminals' shoes

Police database to track criminals' shoes | A database of shoeprints, thought to be the first of its kind in the world, is being launched next week by the government in the fight against crime. The Forensic Science Service (FSS) will enable police officers to view images of footprints Buying advice from the leading technology site

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Half of US adults are recorded in police facial recognition databases, study says

The Guardian - Half of US adults are recorded in police facial recognition databases, study says. More than 117 million adults included in ‘virtual, perpetual lineup’, which authorities can use to track citizens, raising concerns over privacy and profiling.

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Three UK admits hack but says ‘financial details are not at risk’

Reports suggest details of up to 6m customers could have been accessed by hackers who forced their way into the network’s internal upgrade database. The database doesn't hold any financial details, although customer names, DOB's, addresses and phone numbers are all stored. “We’re aware of an attempted fraud issue... and are working with police and relevant authorities on the matter.