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300 Plus Abbreviations & Acronyms Every Firefighter Should Know - Page 2

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Until, Till, or ’Til

Until indicates when something will happen, begin, or end. Till means the same…

strlightmuser: egberts: charleypollard: no. exempli gratia (for example) and id est (that is) I didn’t take three years of Latin to deal with this. FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE I THOUGH “I.E.” WAS IN EXAMPLE AND “E.G.” WAS SOME DUMB WAY OF SAYING “EGGSAMPLE” OR SOMETHING OH MY GOOOD This changed my life

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Smart Furniture Arrangement for Long, Narrow Rooms

Long Narrow Room

The Relentless Builder | Education & Nigerian Gospel Music Blog: They Speak Good English, But They Write Terrible "Fear Go Catch You" Grammar

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Drop these ugly Anglicisms ASAP, urge French language police

Ask a French person to get back to you and they are unlikely to do so ASAP. The abbreviation is the latest term to fall foul of the Gallic w...

I love hiphop, Learn how to freestyle rap here: #hiphop


While working in Corporate Finance, I witnessed first hand the devastating effect that employee sick leave had on organisations. Being head of a department meant I had to manage the added work load of those employees off sick. Yet this can all be changed once HR departments, department heads, CEOs and company owners understand the most effective way to stop employees needing to take sick leave. How to End Employee Sick Leave:

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In Other Words: Use the Abbreviations I.e. and E.g. the Right Way

what i.e. and e.g. mean