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Things to Do in Krakow, Poland

Things to Do in Krakow, Poland - The Trusted Traveller More


"The Earth isn't dying, it's being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses." Street art in Poland inspired by a quote attributed to singer/activist Utah Phillips. As fossil fuel users, we are all responsible for global warming, but there are some who profit off of intentionally blocking the transition to a low-carbon economy. These parties should be held legally (non-violently) responsible.


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Poland ranked 24th in Bloomberg's Global Innovation Index. #poland #economy #innovation #bloomberg

Poland Economy: Population, GDP, Inflation, Business, Trade, FDI, Corruption

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Poland's dependence on coal

Poland has the fastest growing economy in the European Union thanks to coal. With this success comes bad news that the country is very polluted because of the thermal power plants. How Poland adjusts to upcoming and ongoing EU policies to reduce greenhouse gas and fossil fuels will go a long way in determining how Poland's economy can successfully grow. I am hoping things continue in a positive way for the Polish people and the economy.

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These Are The 22 Most Attractive Emerging Markets For Investors

Poland takes 12th place at Business Insider's the 22 most attractive emerging markets for investors list. #poland #economy

Promotion video of the "Invest in Eastern Poland" campaign #poland #economy #investment #marketing #video

Poland abortion ban: Millions of women to take part in all-out strike in bid to bring economy to standstill ... The Independent 10-2-16 Poland Please Keep Stand for Defenseless