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A4 Mega Charizard X Print, Mixed media

A4 Mega Charizard X Print Mixed media by SushiStudios on Etsy Stunning prints by this lovely artist! Go check out their Etsy shop, their style is beautiful. :)

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I draw Pokemon Fusions. Thought you might like them!<<<<Amazing!

I draw Pokemon Fusions. Thought you might like them!

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Some of These Pokémon Fusions Need to Be Real. Kinda want to experiment with it myself.

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A4 Print 'Mega Venusaur'

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zoe-sphere: “ A cat is a cat no mater the size or personality, and when cat meets boxes! hilarity follows! was super fun to draw these Pokemon cats in boxes! available as a print at this years SMASH! : ) ”

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Tim Burton-esque Pokemon. *

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Community Post: 20 Pokémon Jokes Only A Pokémaniac Will Understand

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Lillie and Lunala! So cute ! :3

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cheeziesart:Eeveelution variations!PLEASE DO NOT REPOST OR REDISTRIBUTE ON OTHER WEBSITESThroughout the years I’ve seen so many headcanons for the eeveelutions, many of which based the Eevees off of just one animal or a mix of them so I decided to play around with some designs to encompass most of these ideas.The main idea being that: Because Eevee’s DNA is so wacky and it can evolve into so many diverse evolutions, its species can also vary from evolution to evolution, region to region…

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More adult SM Pokemon character…. Your Champion MC!! I can’t decided male or female design I should go for….so I mixed them up and try to make the design can be interpret as both male and female. /but...<<< so cool

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Pokemon Fusion I really want a hauntnine now--- this is cool, but why the heck is Grinny there?

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