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+ Sylveon = all eeveeloutions! I like them all but I think my favorite has to be Umbreon :)

Hey Y'all, this is your personal Wonder Woman. If any y'all know me personally, ring me up and maybe I'll send u a link to my artwork and photography. Once I get more of these up, I'll make the links public. C'mon y'all! We can do it


The Eeveelutions in Their Element

Eeveelutions in Their Element I'm not exactly a fangirl of Pokemon but this is cool! More


Pokemon Eevee Evolution COMPLETE HOLO PROMO SET x9 Lot Sylveon BW87-BW94, XY04


Since the tributes don't actually DIE in Project Mockingjay, I think it would be cool if for Catnip's games, we throw in a little escapist Eevee named Star who finds the arena the day of the games and gets stuck. Foxface finds her, and being willing to help her get out as she's not a tribute, tries to help her survive. I'll continue with comments.