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I love Harley and Ivy! <- correction. EVERYONE LOVES HARLEY AND IVY! (and if you deny, you are lying.)
from 9GAG

How Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy deal with getting hit on by jerks


That's interesting... I didn't know that Harely was immune to toxins. Follow for more #geektent all day everyday! She's immune to toxins. Although barely outright confirmed by DC Harley has shared a relationship a lot more than platonic with Poison Ivy who possesses the power of pheromones and plant toxins. Since Ivy cares so much for Harley she gave the clown a serum that prevents any kind of negative reaction to bad chemicals. #harleyquinn #poisonivy #supervillain #supervillainfacts…


"Outsmarting Poison Ivy and Other Poisonous Plants" is a great handout from the FDA that provides a concise and thorough guide on how to identify poisonous plants, how to avoid adverse reactions, and how to treat those reactions when they occur.