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Character: Poison Ivy / From: DC Comics 'Gotham City Sirens' & 'Batman' / Cosplayer: La Esmeralda / Photo: Ashtray Arts Photography

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Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Catwoman• Concept Art

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Learn What Poison Ivy Looks Like at Different Times of the Year

Yikes, poison ivy! Do you want to spend your time this summer itching a poison ivy rash? No, I didn't think so. Then it behooves you to know *exactly* what poison ivy looks like in all its various guises, so that you'll be able to avoid it. This health menace can look very different depending on whether you're encountering it in spring or fall, summer or winter; on whether you're seeing the plant with flowers, with berries, or perhaps with no leaves at all (yes, you can still get a rash from…

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How to Identify Poison Oak, Poison Ivy, and Poison Sumac Plants

How to Identify Poison Oak, Poison Ivy, & Poison Sumac Plants ~ via

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