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Poetic Devices List

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Figurative Language - Poetic Devices Terms & Quiz

Help students learn Poetic Devices (alliteration, simile, hyperbole) with this print-and-go terms sheet and quiz. This quick quiz uses matching, examples, and short response. (grades 5-12)

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Football Concrete Poem Find Poetic devices

Poem for football season or any sports related literature short story. Students are to find all the poetic devices listed in the poem. Onomatopeias, idioms,

Spice up your poetry unit by hosting a Poetry Slam. Students will love engaging with poetry in this new way! This freebie includes a classroom-tested timeline, links to examples, and a worksheet to get your students analyzing.


is awesome. Poetry Created by Hemet USD. Cornell Notes Poetic Devices Topic: Poetic Devices EQ: EQ: Can you list the poetic devices used by…

Print these on cardstock (or paper), fold in half, and let your students go wild with this annotation device. It lists 26 poetic devices and allows lined space to record the textual evidence.I have also included a couple of different techniques for annotation.Enjoy this freebie.

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Figurative Language & Poetic Devices Bundle: Vocabulary List, BINGO, and Quiz

Help students learn poetic devices (alliteration, simile, metaphor, etc.) with this print-and-go terms sheet, BINGO review game, and quiz. (grades 5-12)


Great poetry website on PBS. Students can submit poetry and view poetry by teens; in addition, you can find a list of poetic devices and examples.

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ELA Vocabulary Bundle

This English Language Arts Vocabulary Bundle includes five great tools for teaching literary devices and terminology, poetic devices and figurative language, drama terminology, Greek roots, and persuasive techniques. For each area, you get a list of terms, Interactive Notebook foldables, a print-and-go quiz, a BINGO! review game, and an answer key. (grades 5-12)