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Plural Of Data

No-frills worksheet for all ages: Present Simple vs. Present Continuous (1)

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Is "Data" Singular or Plural?

Grammar Girl : Is "Data" Singular or Plural?

Qur'an and Science: 11. Winds Impregnate the Clouds: “And We send the fecundating winds, Then cause the rain to descend From the sky, therewith providing You with water (in abundance).” [Al-Qur’an 15:22] The Arabic word used here is lawâqih, which is the plural of laqih from laqaha, which means to impregnate or fecundate. In this context, impregnate means that the wind pushes the clouds together increasing the condensation that causes lightning and thus rain. A similar description is found…

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Data are or data is? The singular v plural debate


Here are some friendly little reminder posters to hang for your students to recognize the various rules. I have five mini-posters total: 1. For most words, just add 's' 2. If it ends in ch, sh, s, ss, x, or z, add 'es' 3. Change the 'y' to 'ies' 4.