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Plumbing Basics

Plumbing Basics : plumbing follows the basic laws of nature : gravity, pressure, water seeking its own level.


California-based designer Tanya Clarke is the daughter of environmental activist Tony Clarke, the author of Blue Gold: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World's Water. Tanya's own contribution to water awareness is Liquid Light - Industrial Light Installations, a series of custom-built fixtures that "create a visual reminder fo the precious commodity that water is and our need to protect this natural resource." They're made from recycled plumbing and hardware and illuminated with…


Amalgamated Hardware Plc -

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I have a beautiful home and everything is nice, looking in. When you start using stuff is when you start seeing the problems. My sink, toilet and plumbing is just shot. I need to waterproof my basement so the plumbing stops flooding it.

Stop Leaks in Plumbing Joints

The best time to fix a plumbing leak is before it happens, by properly connecting water supply and waste line fittings. Learn the tricks that pros use to make leakproof connections.

A hybrid water heater can reduce energy use by up to 60%! Find out how with the Green Building Program! - Green Education Foundation


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