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PLOS Genetics: An EAV-HP Insertion in 5′ Flanking Region of SLCO1B3 Causes Blue Eggshell in the Chicken

Author Summary Eukaryotes are generally thought to evolve mainly through the modification of existing genetic information. However, evidence of horizontal gene transfer (HGT) in eukaryotes-the accidental acquisition of a novel gene from another species, allowing acquisition of novel traits—is now recognized as an important factor in their evolution. We show here that in several lineages, lepidopteran genomes have acquired genes from a bracovirus that is symbiotically used by parasitic…

PLOS Genetics: Retrovolution: HIV–Driven Evolution of Cellular Genes and Improvement of Anticancer Drug Activation

Physical activity alters genetic predisposition to obesity, Ahmad el al, 2013, PLOS Genetics

A new study of the genetic factors underlying glioma formation in dogs may hold clues to how these common and often untreatable tumors form in humans. The genome study, which was conducted across 25 dog breeds, identified three genes associated with the tumor. The results from this research, led by Katarina Truvé of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Kerstin Lindblad-Toh of Uppsala University, were published on May 12 in PLOS Genetics.