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this is like one of my favirote scenes it is so funny snd kinda akward

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This is the funniest and cutest moment in Haleb relationship in PLL!

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Toby Cavanaugh and Spencer Hastings quote "Thanks for the G. I've been waiting for it." The beginning of Spoby! PLL

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Favorite Updates!

It's getting so flipping confusing, one minute someone's dead then they were alive then they were buried alive like wtf

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ALL OF A's MESSAGES IN PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Heads up BFFs. It's open season on liars and I'm hunting. –A Aria: maybe he fools around with students all the time. A lot of them do. Just ask your dad. –A Hey Em! I’ve been replaced. You’ve found another friend to kiss –A Poor Spencer. Always wants melissa’s boyfriends. But remember, if you kiss I tell. –A Be careful, Hanna. I hear prison food makes you fat. –A Im still here b!+che$, and I know everything. –A Dead girls walking –A If only she…

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characters personalities ezra lucas Alison wren jenna caleb hanna spencer Emily aria mona toby

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