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Belly fat buster! People are shedding inches and up to 5lbs a week! The secret is the coconut combined with slim and 10-12 oz of coconut milk Vanilla or chocolate Plexus 96 protein mix- 15g of protein1 packet of Plexus Slim These 3 things could do the trick! I have a friend who has lost 1/2 inch in just 4 days on her belly and I'm seeing results as well; Plus it's a great source of protein, energy, and reduced cravings all in one! make sure the coconut milk does not have CARRAGEENAN

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For Optimal Results - Plexus Slim, BioCleanse, ProBio 5, X Factor, Block Plexus Silver Ambassador #430203

Total Body Transformation

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Where will you be in 30 days? Will you be feeling proud or suffering from regret? Let's get crazy results!

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Element of focus: H2O “This table will help you find out how much water you need to drink daily in order to support proper body function and increase weight loss results naturally.” Sharing fitness tips every Friday as a part of our theme: It’s Time...

Why Does Plexus Slim Help With My Thyroid Function?

The Effect of Thyroid Hormones in Glucose Metabolism and Why Plexus Slim can Help. Hypothyroidism is a common endocrine disorder that results from low thyroid hormone levels. The disease affects d...