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Our specially formulated Plexus Bio Cleanse capsules provide a Magnesium source to help you manage those days when your digestive system seems unbalanced and needs to feel cleansed. Includes Magnesium Hydroxide and bioflavonoid compounds extracted from lemon,orange,and grapefruit to assist with vitamin C


Description The TRI-PLEX Combo gives you the ability to get healthy from the inside out! With Bio Cleanse, ProBio5, and of course, Plexus Slim, you’ll love how you feel with this healthy combo...

Need a good detox? Plexus Bio Cleanse detoxify and cleanse energizes enhances weight loss and relieves constipation. Oxygenates your total body!


Need a cleanse?! I use Bio Cleanse and Probio, theres have helped me with my allergies, no more sinus infections or migraines. Angela Pike #274331

With a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee what have you got to lose! So many are now benefiting from Plexus all natural gluten free products. See our full line here:

from The Mom Maven

America has a Gut Health Problem and Plexus Can Help


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