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How to Make a Viking Backyard Play Tent

Viking Play Tent in Your Backyard: DIY project for kids who are interested in camping outside and - maybe! - history


Childrens Teepee Kids Play Tent Tipi for Kids - Best Christmas Gift

Childrens Teepee Kids Play Tent Tipi for Kids Best by WigiWama

Be Still My Heart: 10 DIY Play Tents and Teepees

DIY Play Tents and Teepees...I can't wait until we have enough room to make one of these for the kids!


My Sewing Projects - Over table play house

Cute sewing project tent playhouse. No instructions for this but I'm sure we can figure it out. I think this is so cute and hey, if company drops in, just throw all the toys and other junk in here and just zip it up lol! I really do love this!


Simple No Sew Kid's Tent DIY

Tents, playhouses, forts and tepees are great fun for little one's to play in and expand their imagination. I have vivid memories growing up building tents out of sheets and the couch with my brothers. I want Brody to have fun memories like this as well. Building a simple A-Frame play tent is simpler than you would think. With a few supplies you probably already have around the house and a quick trip to your local home improvement store, creating a tent for your little one becomes the…