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Platt Amendment, Page 1: The Good Neighbor Policy was based on the Platt Amendment from 1901

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Spanish American War Document Analysis Timeline

This Spanish American War Document Analysis Timeline is an incredible way to integrate CCSS strategies, cooperative learning, primary source analysis, and sequencing in your class! Students are provided a set of pictures, newspaper excepts, and other primary sources and must perform various tasks and match them to a timeline. Great for your US History class!

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Platt Amendment on Cuba Document Analysis Activity U.S. Imperialism

Platt Amendment on Cuba Document Analysis Activity U.S. Im


The Ancient Fossils of Fundy

The Platt Amendment was the price the Cuban rebels paid to get a withdrawal of U.S. troops. This amendment, grafted into the Cuban constitution of 1902, guaranteed the right of the U.S. to intervene in Cuban affairs to protect U.S. interests on the island. During the next thirty two years the U.S. continuously intervened in Cuban internal affairs.


Cuba Under the Platt Amendment, 1902-1934 (Reprint) (Paperback)

Platt Amendment,1902 1934,Reprint Paperback,Cuba

Platt amendment page 1 - Cuba–United States relations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"The Iron of the House". This cartoon depicts McKinley branding Cuba, who is chained to a post entitled "The Platt Amendment" in the name of the US. Uncle Sam looks on in the background. This speaks to the greater theme of foreign intervention in Latin America as experienced by Latin Americans.