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Platinum Uses

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Aquamarine and diamond tiara - when first made in 1957, the tiara consisted of three upright rectangular stones (detachable for use as brooches), mounted on a simpled platinum band - large central stone was originally the pendant of the necklace given to The Queen by the Presendt and People of Brazil in 1953 as a Coronation present - in 1971, the tiara was adapted to take four scroll ornaments from an aquamarine and diamond jewel given to The Queen by the Governor of Sao Paulo in 1968.


1990 - Wrapped Torso - To show off this dress by Issey Miyake, Herb Ritts selected a dark backdrop and had model Karen Alexander adopt a ballet-like pose. Lighted from above, the semitranslucent fabric both reveals and obscures the contours of the model's body. The photographer's choice of the platinum printing process over the less expensive and more common gelatin silver process gives the photograph a significantly wider range of tones and a luxurious matte surface.


Japanese art of Kintsugi follows a different philosophy. Rather than disguising the breakage, kintsugi restores the broken item incorporating the damage into the aesthetic of the restored item, making it part of the object’s history. Kintsugi uses lacquer resin mixed with powdered gold, silver, platinum, copper or bronze, resulting into something more beautiful than the original.


Eighty-seven Australian crystal opal cabochons form the “Path of Enlightenment” opal necklace and earrings. Designed by Karin Stirnemann, the approximately 148 carats of opal used in the necklace and earrings (detatchable from the necklace) are set in platinum.