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Plastic Pallets For Sale in Florida by allstatepallet

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Urban Decay LTD Vice palletNWT

Urban Decay LTD Vice pallet Hello..I'm selling my Urban Decay LTD vice pallet. I purchased two from the fashion island location (CA) when they were released so the one I'm selling has never been swatched and is in impeccable condition ( I have a photo of the new and old one side by side for comparison) comes with brush still wrapped in plastic. Pictures are mine and of pallet for sale. Ps. I'm getting what I paid after posh gets there cut so this is my final price. Thank you Urban Decay…

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Up-cycled Playhouse Chicken Coops - Kids outgrown their playhouse? Spray-paint the exteriors, covered the floor with linoleum flooring, secured the houses to the pallets with L brackets, caulk spaces that would leak or allow a draft, insert two roosts, cover the windows with chicken wire, and cut out part of the door for the ramp. Total cost for each was around $30.00!