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These 5 Milk Crate Projects are the Cream of the Crop

—Jennifer Noonan Everyone has at least one or two plastic milk crates hanging around the basement or garage. Although expressly designed for the transportation of glass bottles, milk crates can be used in many other (much more fun) ways. Scroll down to see five favorite milk crate DIY projects discovered

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How to Spray Paint Plastic {Plastic Crate Revamp}

How to Spray Paint Plastic boss keeps giving me milk crates and I'd like to make them presentable!

How to sew a box cover with fabric - wow, never thought of that for the plastic book crates I want to replace with wood eventually - this would be a nice temporary improvement.

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I love the twist on the milk crate garden with the burlap sacks on the outside. Very stylish!

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How to turn a green plastic milk crate into a gorgeous storage ottoman

Rubbermaid What do you think of the colour? Rubbermaid Rubbermaid Paint Buddy 49 Brilliant Garage Organization Tips, Ideas and DIY Projects Deluxe Rubbermaid

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