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Placenta Anatomy: the placenta provides the fetus with oxygen and nutrients and takes away waste such as carbon dioxide via the umbilical cord.


Discover the benefits of consuming your placenta post partum and learn how to prepare placenta capsules. It is easy, healthy and will increase your milk production, reduce post partum depression, boost energy and iron!

Placenta capsules, and other ways to ingest the placenta to help boost milk supplies and beat the baby blues

from The Sun

Would you eat your placenta? All of these women did!

Encapsulating the placenta. It's not "oddball" -a word the first paragraph uses- but there is some helpful info on placenta encapsulation and ingestion included in this article.

from The Huffington Post

Coleen Rooney Reveals She'll Be Eating Her Placenta

Coleen Rooney Shares Photo Of Placenta Capsules Admitting She's 'Looking Forward' To Eating Them