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Once vanishingly rare, with only one in 30,000 pregnancies affected in the 1950s, placenta accreta now hits around one in 500 pregnancies. Up to 7 percent of placenta accreta patients die of the disease. Scientists have linked the increase in cases to rising caesarean rates, but the exact mechanism of the disease — a conversation gone awry between the placenta and the uterus — remains profoundly mysterious.


The Serious Pregnancy Complication You've Never Heard of

The serious Pregnancy complication you've never heard of. It has taken me 4 years to write about my experience because it was traumatizing, but this information needs to be shared.


An incredible journey from a survivor of Placenta Accreta on re-lactation

A strong and wonderful mother shares her journey from being a survivor of Placenta Percreta to being a breastfeeding mum. Read her story at Milk and Love!


Placenta Accreta: 15 Shocking Facts You Need To Know

What you need to know about prodromal labor - Ugh. Over a month of this and they have turned quite painful. I don't believe anything my contractions say at this point, even when they are 5 min apart for hours.