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Place Value FREEBIES - on this one children roll the dice to create a number then write it in words, tens and one, and color the grid. They also add 1 and 10 and take 1 and 10. A similar worksheet for 3 digit numbers is also included.


Second Grade Back to School Math Review Printables

Beginning of the Year Math for Second Grade: Review first grade math, addition and subtraction strategies, place value, number sense, etc... with 55 ocean-themed worksheets!


Place Value Game with Dice

Teach kids about place value of hundreds, tens, and ones while playing this math game with dice! More


Decimal Place Value Anchor Chart - I used this idea and edited it slightly by having the students use grid paper to create squares 10cm by 10cm. We subdivided them to drive home that the more you "cut" a shape the smaller the pieces are, something that is more abstract for students to grasp.


Like Guess Who? Try Math Who!

This is the perfect game for kids, in or out of the classroom! It's such a fun way to practice math skills and vocabulary. I use these in a math center or for indoor recess. Check out the various game board versions.


Place Value Pocket Chart Calendar Set

This set is perfect if you have a little, blue pocket chart for a classroom calendar!Teach place value in a fun way!Included in this set:*Place Value popsicle stick calendar cards for 1-31. Color of cards follow a repeating pattern.*Place Value sign to post next to your calendar and keep track of the tens and ones each day. *Practice pages to help enforce the place value grid and also expanded form.*Place value song: Thats How Place Value Goes.

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