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Pizza Pot Pie Video : Food Network


PIZZA POT PIE!! inspired by Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder - as seen on Food Network's Best Thing I Ever Ate

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You Have To Try This Pizza Stuffed Pot Pie

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Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company: Home of the Pizza Pot Pie

First time I heard of this was on a Food Network show. It looked awesome to me, but I don't live in Chicago so I made my own version at home. So good!

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Upside-down pizza pot pies

{upside-down pizza pot pies} classic ingredients turned upside down! celebrate any occasion with this fun pizza dish dervied from a chicago cult classic, chicago pizza oven grinder.-

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Pizza Pot Pie

Chicago Style Pizza Pot Pie - place pizza topping and cheese in large ramekin, top with pizza crust and bake. Flip over to reveal a mini deep dish pizza! Easy to customize the ingredients! Fun twist to pizza night.


Pizza Pot Pie - I CAN EAT POT PIE LIKE PIZZA?!?! sorry chicken pot pie, you've been replaced.


Pizza Pot Pie, original recipe from the Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder Co. as featured on food network. I've made these home versions a bunch and loved them every time! The click-through to the blog has a great step by step recipe for trying yourself.