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After Decades Of Pixel Painting, Chuck Close Goes Truly Digital

Chuck Close - Self-Portrait, 2010 Chuck Close creates fragmented portraits using grids, shape and colour. Great technique very effective.

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The Marber Grid was developed in 1961 by Polish graphic designer, Romek Marber, for Penguin book covers. This grid layout is admired by many designers and is example of how a well-designed grid can stand the test of time.

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Grid-based web design: a beginner's guide

 We live in an interactive world. Everything is in flux: content, viewports, the screen – all changing, all the time. Digital is dynamic – it’s ever-evolving, and it’s our job as designers and developers to keep up.  

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Pixel art of Pikachu from Pokémon yellow on the GB. These sprites were located from, and were ripped my Grim LIKE THIS PIXEL ART? Visit for more grids just like this! Pokemon, Ze...

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Geometric Fashion - dress shoulder embellished with wooden triangles - contrasting materials; juxtaposing fashion details

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Make the Most of Your Small Bathroom in 7 Steps

If you happen to have a small bathroom in your home, you may wonder what you could possibly do to it to make it seem more inviting and less like a cubby hole! Just because you are short on space, d...

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