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Lemon Drizzle Cake (Sorry Starbucks

I don’t have an office. 99% of my meetings are held in cafes & restaurants all over London. Mostly people are adventurous & like trying little independent places, but every now & then you find yourself a Starbucks addict. I don’t mind Starbucks. They have big comfy chairs & free wifi… but the food? Half... Read more


Chicken Shawarma with Hummus & Pita This is the easiest way to make chicken wraps. I 've been looking for a recipe like this since a long time. It's easy and healthy


Tomato Cucumber Salad with Olives and Feta

Tomato Cucumber Salad with Olives and Feta This salad is as tasty as it is beautiful, and I think it would make a lovely addition to your next summer meal or celebration. And pssst…here’s one last little hint. Toss it with some cooked corkscrew pasta

from All Roads Lead to the Kitchen

Spiced Shawarma Chicken Wraps

Spiced Shawarma Chicken Wraps...the Middle Eastern version of "fast food". Why am I not living in the Middle East?? :) I'd sub tzatziki sauce, or some variation, for the garlic mayo dip. The meat and spice blend?? Incredible! Could put this in whole wheat pitas or lavash as well as normal wraps or serve it with something devastatingly yummy like na'an bread.

from Feasting At Home

Grilled Chicken Shawarma

Grilled Chicken Shawarma...flavorful and juice and great over Israeli Salad |


Vegan Tuna Salad Sandwich? We are often asked what we pack for lunch. Portable and easy meals, like the classic tuna salad sandwich, are an essential for folks heading off to school or work for the day. This chickpea vegan tuna salad is an easy, satisfying and delicious vegan alternative to the usual non-vegan sandwich fillers. #vegan


Turkish Kofta Kebabs Recipe. Recipe calls for lamb, but can substitute beef or turkey instead. Grill the kebabs and serve tucked into pitas with tomatoes, spinach, red onion, and garlic sauce (blend together, garlic, EVOO, lemon, salt) or greek yogurt mixed with greek seasoning and a squeeze of lemon juice.


I might of said this before in previous posts, but I’m not a fan of commercial pizza. So never expect to see me eating a slice of Pizza Hut pizza or any places similar to that. its just me, personal...

from theBitterSideofSweet

Tuna Quinoa Patties

Tuna Quinoa Patties tried it with salmon super yummy on a sandwich bun!