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Don't actually believe in astrology but pretty much everything I read about us Pisces is accurate for me!

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There are *some* truths to what it's like with people born in my time frame!!! :) Plus this just makes me sound like a badass.

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Pisces women are physically and emotionally strong people, even though they're pretty damn sensitive.

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Just Libra Things || For the most part, this is true for me. I would never say Goddess of Seduction, but physical affection is a favorite of mine. But it doesn't seem to go both ways, I'm gonna play it down a lot until I see you want me as much as I you. And this includes my already emotionally detached dazes.

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She is water. Powerful enough to drown you. Soft enough to cleanse you. Deep enough to save you. Pisces ♓️

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