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More Than 50 Pirate Activities for Kids

Do you have some fun pirate ideas planned for Talk Like a Pirate Day (which is September 19th)? We do! Here is a collection of over 50 pirate activities for kids that you will certainly enjoy!  50+...

Pirate activity - make your own map! Supplies: Paper Grocery Bags Pens Some ideas to add to map: dock, treasure, volcano, ocean, boats, sharks, whales, pirate ship, cave, palm trees, pirate flag, etc.

Have fun on Sep 19th and get your students to 'talk like a pirate'! This fun writing prompt will help you celebrate the day!Please visit our blog to find more pirate activities:

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Pirate for the Day: Lessons and Activities

Have you ever wanted to be a pirate? Here is your chance to be the captain of your own crew. Then, come aboard Matey... this be all ye wil’ need fer a gran’ Pirate Day! Pirate for the Day is a fun filled day where you and your students get to dress, act, and talk like pirates.

Students could draw their own treasure map or island and map legend. A creative writing assignment could be attached to this that requires students to explain to a peer, in detail, how to navigate their way to a specific destination. AB