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Super Mario Inspired Tiny Potted Piranha Plant. Two Different Models. Detachable

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

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Meet the Most Dangerous Acids in the World

Meet the worst types of acid in the world. These acids are strong and corrosive and downright nasty.: Piranha Solution Dissolves Organics

from Education

How To Make and Use Chemical Piranha Solution (Safely)

How To Make and Use Chemical Piranha Solution: Like the toothy piranha fish, chemical piranha eats away organics.


Blue Hawaiian

From the sea-blue colour to the tropical flavours, this fruity pineapple cocktail makes you want to hit the beach.


The L-Shield Main Pocket: (2" wide, 4" tall, 1" thick) LM Charge/Wave/Blast/Crunch/Rebar, Gerber MP400/Flik, Victorinox Swisstool Spirit Front Pocket: (1.75" wide, 3" deep)  LM Bit kit x1 OR LM/PTX Piranha tool Side Pockets: (.75" wide, 3" deep) AAA flashlight/Fisher Space Pen, LM Bit Extension. In an effort to provide the best quality products possible, we periodically make production modifications and improvements. Actual products may not be identical to the items in the…