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Hot pink... lifted... Raptor! I know a lot of people who would KILL to have a truck like this! Rim & Tire #Financing


Now that's a truck I wouldn't mind driving....just not lifted, im to short for that!!! Said no one EVER!


Pink lifted Chevrolet Silverado

Hot Pink Lifted Truck I would never do this if I have a big truck it will look like a truck Im a girl and I can drive big trucks but I don't have to make it look girlie to prove that...

Other than this is a crappy ass Ford (RAM baby!), this truck is bangin! And the puppy is cute!

Lifted pink truck!! Yes please!

1 is one of the largest Truck accessories retailer in Western Canada. Toll Free 1-855-868-8802


pink mud trucks | ford # pink truck # tractor tires # lifted truck DISCOUNT WHEELS

Big Trucks. My daughter will probably drive the hell out of a pink truck one day..