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Pink Floyd. All 5 members: David Gilmour, Syd Barrett, Nick Mason, Roger Waters, and Rick Wright

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All five members of Pink Floyd, c.1968: L-R; Nick Mason, Syd Barrett, David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Richard Wright

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There is no one else like Pink Floyd, they strived from their creativity, talent and imagination.

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Pink Floyd then and now. Don't you just hate what ageing does in a relatively short time.

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Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd. Join the Laughing Madcaps - Syd Barrett Facebook Group to see and discuss anything/everything Syd and early Pink Floyd. This is THE oldest Syd Barrett group in the Internet having been around since 1998. Facebook is our latest home. This group put out the definitive CD set of unreleased Syd: Have You Got It Yet? We have the world's largest Archive of images too! Click:

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« Nous avons décidé de mettre nos griefs – nos griefs très forts – côté et tout sorte de prends-toi, » dit le guitariste David Gilmour via Skype, « et la seule façon que nous parvenions à faire était de mettre tout le répertoire de Pink Floyd côté pour cette tournée. Roger [Waters] a refusé de jouer des chansons de Pink Floyd, et je suis d’accord avec ça. » Roger Waters a ri. « Rien ne pouvait être plus éloigné de la vérité, » a dit eaux. « Je suis prêt à jouer pratiquement n’importe quelle…

PINK FLOYD ummagumma 2 LP vinyl SKBB 388 VG+ 1969 Original

Ummagumma 1969 A mess of an album, a live disc together with a disc divided into four solo half-sides, Ummagumma has a silly name but an iconic cover - the four members of Pink Floyd in various locations near the back door of a house, with a frame on the wall housing the exact same picture except with the four members in different positions and with the frame on that smaller wall containing a third nested picture with the four in again a different position, etc.

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