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Piltdown Man: Britain's Greatest Hoax Reconstruction of the 'Piltdown Man' skull, on show at the Natural History Museum in 1953

New collaborative research points to Charles Dawson as the hoaxer who claimed to have discovered the skull of the so-called Piltdown Man. #Science #Museum #Anthropology


Piltdown Man hoax delayed advances in human origins by a decade

Photograph of Piltdown man’s cranium and mandible


Arthur Smith Woodward's reconstruction of the skull of Piltdown Man. Dawson's Dawn Man Believing the skull fragments and jawbone to be from the same individual, Smith Woodward made a reconstruction. It suggested an early human with a large brain, indicating a level of intelligence that set it clearly apart from the apes. The jawbone, ape-like but with human-looking teeth, linked the skull with its supposed evolutionary ancestors.

from the Guardian

Forensic examination reveals identity of Piltdown hoax prime suspect

Forensic examination reveals identity of Piltdown hoax prime suspect Over 50 years after the Piltdown Man remains were exposed as fake, scientists have put amateur antiquarian and solicitor Charles Dawson in the frame

ONE of the men who announced the discovery of the Piltdown Man fossils is likely to have been behind the infamous forgery, according to new…

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Piltdown Man: A hoaxer still pursued

Piltdown Man hoax