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38 Ways To Spend The Perfect Weekend In Bristol

38 Ways To Spend The Perfect Weekend In Bristol More

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Do This One Simple Exercise to Correct Your Body Posture

Body posture is important for your health than for the way you look. A poor posture can weaken your back and core muscles and lead to serious back pain!


Max Strom, a contemporary yoga legend. He is right---going deep and pushing your edge does not a better yogi make---it just might make you an injured yogi.

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Zürich - Zurich - Zurigo (Zürich)

Keep calm & do Pilates...which is exactly what I did today after I accidentally deleted my 900+ songs from my laptop...and my iPod.


Running puts stress on these areas which, if left unattended, will cause pain in the musculature that supports your spine. Yoga is also a great tool in strengthening your core, which is vital for maintaining the right posture when you run. To help you next time you're aching post-run, we have put together this restorative sequence... #running #runningtips #backpain #runningrecovery Breathe deeply and hold each pose for up to a minute so that your body has time to restore balance.


Color illustrated poster with a complete workout of twenty-seven different Pilates exercises. Made of aqueous paper that holds up to folds without ripping and resists smudges. Comes in re-sealable plastic bag for easy travel. Dimensions: 17"x 25"