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We are one! Flowers of one garden! We're one! the leaves of one tree! Let the walls come down! And stand here together !We are one family!

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Clematis 'Piilu' is a clematis that produces two different kinds of flowers. In spring this variety has the most amazing double flowers, and in summer it adds to the profusion of flowers a second time but with single flowers. Such a picture in your garden! Also suitable for in a spacious patio planter with a climbing support. The Clematis 'Piilu' really should be in your garden! Height supplied approximately 25 cm.

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Oh hey there! I'm Rochelle I'm 21 Hair styling is my lover. Tattoos, Ed Sheeran, Starbucks and red lipstick are my faves I believe that everything and anything can be inspirational =) Thank you very much for visiting! have a wonderful day

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//FLOWERS ASSORTMENT ~From Monet's Garden at the New York Botanical Garden: Delphiniums, foxgloves, roses, hydrangeas, peonies, tulips, a sensuous abundance of flowers, colors, fragrances. #gardens #flowers

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Meaningful flowers for your bouquet

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perennial geraniums - cranesbill - wild geraniums... These are ground cover plants. They grow all over the sand dunes along parts of the Northumberland coast in England UK & are a wonderful sight. They're at home in a windy garden & flower profusely over a long period. You can buy the natural colour pictured, or shades of pink.

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50 Flowers You Should Have in Your Garden

Genus: Myosotis When they bloom: It depends when you plant them, but typically in springtime. Why we love them: Among many other lovely characteristics, these blue blooms are the Alaskan state flower.

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