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Our professional installation team, Cinemattag, love creating fun, vibrant, colourful Mad Hatters Tea Party paper lantern canopies at weddings!


The vibrant colour on this Adam and Barbara Maitland piece adds something different to Tim Burtons dull colour scheme. I pinned this picture because I am adding a bit of warmth to my character to show a happier side, the colourings here gave me a bit of inspiration for what colours would suit best.

Are You Ready For Beetlejuice 2?

Young rebellious females feature a lot in Tim Burtons films, one example is Lydia from Beetlejuice. I am especially drawn in by her makeup, as, like many of Burtons characters features heavy bags under the eyes.


Tim Burton in Media Preview Of The Museum Of Modern Art: Tim Burton

Tim Burton Visuals at the entrance to the exhibition space showcasing the work of artist and filmmaker Tim Burton at the Tim Burton media preview at The Museum of Modern Art on November 17, 2009 in New York City.


"I once found myself in Tim Burton's hair"...this picture is a nice ode to some of his creations.


I love the creepiness of this picture, everything about it is extremely eery. The picture's quality (or possibly a filter) makes it look vintage like its been taking with a polaroid or throw-away camera, it captures the Beetlejuice theme perfectly and making Adam and Barbara even scarier than I thought possible. It has inspired me to go for a horror theme in mind when creating my character.

I'm getting a a kitty tomorrow and we're naming him Charlie :) if I get 10 likes i'll post a picture of him :D xx