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a great page to look at if you are struggling with how to hang pictures on your staircase.

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This is a great idea for figuring out where to put photos before putting a bunch of holes in the wall! Why didn't I think of this?

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kitchen wall

Gallery Wall. I love that there are tons of pictures without having tons of nail holes or the pain of re-hanging if you ever want to add/change a photo.

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Here's 8 Ideas To Decorate Your Uni Halls Room

college dorm room ♡going to string this right along my bed space and trade out when I feel like it! || above headboard? along bedside? || along bedside with pointy school banner and poster above head

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100 ways to hang art

Giesen Design hosts a huge collection of interior design galleries.

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Harlequin Amazilia Cushion, Papaya

Ah, the joy of picture ledges. Fix them up, and you've got a platform for an ever-changing display of photos, favourite pictures, prints and knickknacks to suit the season or just your mood.

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