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Amphibians facing 'terrifying' rate of extinction

Amazon milk frog - The Mission golden-eyed tree frog or Amazon milk frog (Trachycephalus resinifictrix) is a large species of arboreal frog native to the Amazon Rainforest in South America. It is sometimes referred to as the blue milk frog. It was first discovered along the Maracanã River in Brazil.

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Animal photos of the week: 30 January 2015

~~Three Reinwardt's flying frogs, commonly known as the black webbed tree frog or the green flying frog, pose for the camera | Hendy MP/Solent~~

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A riot of colour: Shortlist for Sony World Photography awards provides a real challenge for the eye

Stunning: A folk painter blends in to her background in one eye-catching picture taken in Kolkata, India, while right, a small frog peers ou...

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Even giraffe's are entitled to a little fun in Africa... Love is everywhere....races and species...

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Romantic frog puts a protective arm around its companion

The amorous pair of flying frogs were balanced on a branch in a pond and gazing soulfully into the distance when photographer Hendy Mp took this picture in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, last month

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Ball Python ~ Miks' Pics "Animals lV" board @

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A gecko licks the morning dew off its eyeballs. This gecko is found on coastal sand dunes in Namibia. Photo by Isak Pretorius

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These black heels with a dollop of emerald green and snake detailing on the heel are so amazing.

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