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Dill Pickle Soup

Dill Pickle Soup I halfed the butter, added extra carrot and pickle, no extra salt needed! Also used a multi grain gluten free flour. This soup is super pickle-vinegar flavored! I would only use half the pickle juice it calls for


Dill Pickle Soup

Dill Pickle Soup, it's something amazing you just have to try and remains the most popular recipe on my site, from


Dill Pickle Soup

It's so delicious, you might eat the whole pot of Dill Pickle Soup yourself from


Dill Pickle Potato Soup

Dill Pickle and Potato Soup - A thick and creamy soup with potatoes, carrots, sour cream, Swiss cheese and dill pickles! The stars of the show! It sounds intriguingly weird and awesome to me!


Traditional Polish Dill Pickle Soup

Traditional Polish Dill Pickle Soup – aka Zupa Ogorkowa. The most popular Polish soup of them all. For some it may sound strange, but if most Polish kids love it, then there must be something to it.


Tomato, chilli and ginger chutney

This spicy tomato chutney recipe from Josh Eggleton is the perfect accompaniment to cold cuts and cheese, or could be slathered on a sandwich or burger. Josh in particular recommends serving this with his veggie burger recipe, with the fiery chilli and tangy tomato chutney acting as a pepped up ketchup.


Caramelised onion chutney

Caramelised Onion Chutney. Try some substitutions to get it just the way you like. e.g. I really like sultanas (raisins) in place of the sweet pepper.


Slow Cooker Spiced Apple Chutney

A simple slow cooker apple chutney recipe using a glut of apples. Prep the ingredients, throw them in the cooker and get on with your Christmas shopping!