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Pick the pieces up off the floor... pick yourself up off the floor and build a bridge and get over it! Move the fuck on!!! Please make this easy....

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Life is and can be rough at times so you have to learn how to deal with it. So don't lay down and feel sorry for yourself get up and do something about it. Boo fucking hoo! You can take charge or get taking charge of. You have to pick yourself up and conq

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words | monologue | action || sleep | eat | pick yourself up | move forward | live life | depression | sadness | cry | tears | fragility | fragile

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Not everything has to be perfect today you can have days when you feel like shit when you feel strange unsure scared confused and lost - just know that you have tomorrow to pick yourself up again dust yourself off and start over better than before. Don't ever feel as though your current situation is going to be your constant. You create the reality you want to live in - just remember greatness takes time & patience... Never loose sight of that or of your own individual strength and power…

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speech 1 In Judo, you learn to pick yourself up no matter how hard you fall.

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The Secret ~ Law of Attraction. Politically, the inspiration behind this book (The Science of Getting Rich) is to my mind fairly to the right of centre, so if you're a liberal, it might not really tick all your boxes. Link to Wallace D. Wattles book: -

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Some different ways to say several of the most over-used words in the English language. Use them!

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