This poster can be used in the physical education classroom or gym. The four rules will help students make smart choices as they get fit and have fun in your special enrichment class!

This is a great character lesson in physical education to teach about the word RESPECT, and how it implies in your classroom.

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Link to a pdf of games for kids that need adjustments to play. Great for highly physically disabled kids.

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Title of Bulletin Board: How to "Bee" in PE Category: Behavior Incentives Suggested Grade Level: K-5 Bees, Letters, printed sheets of characteristics Description: In order to start the year off on a positive note, I put up this bulliten board. It tells the students how they should behave while in Physical education class.

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This is a bright and colorful sign to print and post in any gym or physical education setting. The Rules to Good Sportsmanship Play by the Rules Always Play Fair Listen to the Teacher Encourage Teammates Respect your Opponents Accept Official Rulings Learn from your Mistakes Be a Team Player Don’t make Excuses Lose with Dignity Win with Class

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Physical Education Games - Powerball - make modifications and more rules to get more movement involved

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