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Physical Education Class 12

Run, jump, and skip your way to physical fitness as your exercise with dice! It's a perfect party or family game.

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PE Games that Rock! - "12 Large Group Games"

Another great resource from Cap'n Pete! These physical education resources are “Rockin” games--a series of 12 fast-paced, high energy, large group PE games. Your elementary and middle school PE students will love these games!

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Cosmic Kids Yoga is a website that provides yoga classes for children that follow an imaginative story line. Yoga engages all of the muscles in the body and these particular lessons engage the imagination too. There will be some families in the City of Frankston that cannot afford to pay for their children to participate in organised sports or lessons such as yoga, however this website is free to use. Children need to participate in physical activity to develop their gross motor skills.

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P.E. Circuits {Exercise Activity Stations}

P.E. Circuits are a fun and exciting way to teach P.E. to your students! There are 12 different circuit station activities for you to choose from, as well as 5 different stretching exercises. This file includes all of the information you will need to get started.

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