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15 Tentativas De Fotos De Bebês Muito Engraçadas Que Falharam No Pinterest

When people replicated sweet Pinterest snaps, they didn’t quite nail it. From mischievous tots to bawling babies, here are 12 of the best times parents failed to get a cute photo of their kids


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Chalice Well

The Chalice Well, Glastonbury, England Also known as ‘The Well of Avalon’. Archaeological evidence suggests that the well has been in almost constant use for at least two thousand years. Water issues from the spring at a rate of 25,000 gallons per day and has never failed. female aspect of deity, with the male symbolised by Glastonbury Tor. As such, it is a popular destination for pilgrims in search of the divine feminine, including Pagans.


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Lost fragments- Failed memories by david szauder story of mr.wolf one day mr wolf wrote down too much numbers. when his memory was decoded the same numbers somehow modified his fragments.


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