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Phoney War


Postcard - Evacuation Poster - World War II - British - Mothers Children Adverts

Postcard - Evacuation Poster - World War II - British - Mothers & Children, repinnted by


BRITISH ARMY FRANCE 1940 (F 3195) Motorcycle combinations of 4th Northumberland Fusiliers at Fontaine, 20 March 1940.


The RAF's first ace was New Zealander 'Cobber' Kain. He destroyed 17 enemy aircraft during the fighting in France before his tragic death in a flying accident.

from BBC News

Brexit: The phoney war

Brexit: The phoney war - BBC News

SEP 6. 1940 British 'take the bombing in good heart' Air raid warden poster At the beginning of the war Air Raid Wardens were often seen as unnecessarily officious and interfering. Attitudes changed as the bombing became more intense and there were eventually nearly 1.4 million voluntary unpaid wardens.

from the Guardian

Children won’t be saved by a digital detox

Phoney war: young people don’t need a digital detox.

The British Expeditionary Force (bef) in France 1939-1940 The 'Phoney' War, October 1939 - May 1940: British soldiers visit the site of the former 'No Man's Land' of the First World War battlefield at Vimy.