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repost by #shangrilagems phantom quartz | Phantom Quartz Rock Crystal Crystal Cabochon/CAB

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I don't know whether I'm pinning for the coincidence or the pun - Goin' ghost!<<<Parenting done right

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Planet Phantom-Genderbend by Amethyst-Ocean

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Mst3k - Werewolf. One of the best episodes EVER! Besides the Phantom Planet, you should definitely try to watch that one! ;D Also the Crawling Eye!!

Full Moment: When Valerie says something about how the Fentons couldn’t catch a ghost even if it was living under their roof and Danny just says “true”

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Someday I'll see all the Broadway shows I love, and have posters of them in my recreation room... :) Love Never Dies, of course.

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Quadruple Saturn moon transit snapped by Hubble--this close up captures 4 moons against the gas giant. The giant orange moon is Titan, larger than the planet Mercury is in the upper right. The other much smaller moons are L to R, Enceladus, Dion, and Mimas. Credit: NASA / ESA / Hubble Heritage Team

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