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A pH meter is a functional device that is used to measure the pH of a solution i.e. the level of acidity or alkalinity on a scale that reads from 0 to 14. Visit here:-

There are the circles again, we walk in footsteps of our ancestors, they knew it long before we came to this world. >Drumcarbit Rock Art, Malin, Co. Donegal

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Instagram on iOS: the complete guide

Free wildlife photography cheat sheet: tips on composing, exposing and how to shoot some of the more popular subjects

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A simple home soil test

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The Best Digital pH Meters, Test Kits, and Accessories

The Best Digital pH Meter

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Metering mode cheat sheet: how they work and when to use them

The Metering Mode button on your camera is symbolised by an eye-shaped icon within a rectangle. Within your metering mode function you will have either three or four metering modes: spot metering, partial metering, centre-weighted metering and evaluative metering. As you will see in our latest photography cheat sheet below, each metering option measures the brightness of a scene in different ways, depending on what subject you are shooting.


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I came across this beautiful Danish home and loved the calming, light-filled atmosphere it exhibits. Textile artist Mia-Louise, who you might already know from the Missemai blog and shop, lives with her husband and their two sons in this 130 square meter apartment. And one thing that really struck me in her home is the use...


RK Photographic ILFORD Pinhole Photography Kit


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