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They laugh at me because I'm different; I laugh at them because they are all the same. Not a pewdiepie quote (I checked) but I still like it

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Pewdiepie! #inspirationalquotes *BROFIST* #bethebestgoddamnbroccoliyoucanbe

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I tell this to my self every morning :D and i still don't know what it even means but it still feels good XD

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Quote by: Eva Paredes' Pin by: Deja

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pewdiepie funny quotes - Google Search

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jacksepticeye instagram smoothie - Google-søk

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PewDiePie ❤ it is true, that I say all of these things, for I am a real bro. ❤...(said the last blogger) i say all of these things too reblog if u are a true bro #pewdiepie #bro #army

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PewDiePie Quote 2: Bro's Don't Let Anyone Change You, You Are Perfect The Way You Are

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Bring on them PewDiePie and CutiePieMarzia feels. In the words of Pewdie #scute

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I love him so much. Because even though PewDiePie is really funny, he can still be able to talk about these types of things during gameplays and have an impact on 22 million people's lives.

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jacksepticeye quotes - Google Search

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PewDiePIe hahaha I remember that video #be the best godamn Broccoli you could ever bexP

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